Enrich Your Vocabulary With Max And Claire Happy Neuron 2005

Improve and exhance language skills that enable one to succeed in life. Fun and stimulating for your child, with multiple challenging levels for adults. Interactive and challenging - players will have fun while working on vocabulary and language skills while also enhancing logic, memory, concentration, and visual skills. Enrich Your Vocabulary contains 12 interactive games that challenge, test, and train your brain. Players navigate through different rooms of the house, playing different games each step of the way. Each game has multiple variants so individuals can make step-by-step improvements. Max and Claire are friends that guide and help players. They help track results, give feedback on your progress, and even provide rewards along the way to keep you motivated. More than 30 hours of games on all components of language: the richness of vocabulary, quality spelling, correct meaning of words, and the comprehension of words. Levels of increasing difficulty and corresponding databases. Fun and smart games conceived by a team of specialists in cognitive psychology and educational sciences. Features: Designed by a team of specialists in neurology, cognitive psychology and educational sciences; Variety keeps children engaged; Ingenious reward system keeps children motivated; Adapts to the child's level, and keeps them challenged; Suitable for ages 8 to adult.
ISO Demo 113MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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