Starlife [Sp] New Frontier / Zafiro 1989

Rare Spanish quest with a first-person view in the dark and quite an unusual sci-fi entourage. The above-mentioned "very unusual" is not an empty phrase: Starlife is probably the only game in history that raises the issue of the so-called paleocontacts. Specifically, in the game world there is an alien invasion, but it does not occur in an abstract future or the present, but in the country since the Middle Ages. Evil aliens, eager to revive life on their exhausted from their economic activities home planet, plan to steal an artifact from Earth called Starlife that energizes the surrounding villages. The player assumes the role of a farmer who has to interfere with their plans. View the game in the first person, but the gameplay is extremely complex and little understood. Animations move there, but it is possible to set the movement of the hero in four directions. From the available actions there are dialogs, lifting, throwing and use of a particular object. Please also note that as the game progresses your character needed food and water to sustain life. The graphics in Starlife are extremely minimalist - your eyes will appear (in addition to the interface), only a small CGA-image on a black background on the left side of the screen. Immediately after the game has been subjected to severe criticism in rare reviews for "uninteresting" and the complexity, and the PC-version has been found only in June 2015. Of course, to carry this thing to the classic masterpieces is not possible, but as a collector's item and how, again, probably the only game on this topic, it has a very high value.
Spanish Full Demo 136kb (uploaded by

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