Unearthed Inc: The Lost Temple Glo Inc 2016

Welcome to Unearthed Inc. Applicants such as yourself will be paired with a sidekick Droid and undergo intensive telekinesis training to prepare for their critical mission. You will be sent deep in the Amazonian Forest to search for the fabled Dragoon Egg. But beware: danger lurks in every corner - you’ll need the best of wits and skills to survive. Touch the World: Build dynamite, interact with spiritual objects, fix a minecart and ride it down the hills - the world is one big playground. Battle heart-pounding creatures: Fight against undead spirits, hungry bats, a giant spider and more. Telekinesis: Have you ever dreamed of having super powers and wreaking havoc? Now you can. Beautifully Crafted Locales: Nightfall Cliff, Amber Cave, abandoned mines, and other stunning 360 environments awaits you. Zombie Challenge Mode: In this high score battleground, how many zombies can you defeat before you finally succumb?
Download: None currently available

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