Breaking Wheel Insane Mind Games 2016

Early Access, Full Release Date: Apr 3/2017 This is a 3D sidescrolling platformer. You control a wheel and have to collect as much coffee and coins as you can in more than 50 unique levels with a plethora of interesting gameplay mechanics. The basic game mechanics are quite simple: roll left, roll right, jump and collect as much coffee and coins as possible. Coffee will increase your movement speed and jump height, coins are used to unlock bonus levels and new skins for your character. On top of that we added mechanics like wall climbing, axis switchers, enemies and tons of traps and obstacles to make the game more interesting and challenging. Features: More than 50 unique levels in fire, ice and earth environments; Normal and Hardcore levels; Completely different bonus levels; More than 25 customizable character skins; Tons of enemies, traps and gameplay mechanics; Boss fights; More than 40 music tracks; Mod Support; Steam Leaderboards and Achievements.
Download: None currently available

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