Software Toolworks World Atlas, The The Software Toolworks 1991

Totally revised and dramatically improved from earlier non-Windows versions by the same company, this product now clearlys set the standard for electronic atlases. The World Atlas contains 240 detailed political and topographical maps, over 4,400 statistical maps, and 11 information categories with over 300 subtopics ; and the U.S. Atlas contains over 110 political and topographical maps (including county and major city maps), over 1,000 statistical maps, and 11 information categories with over 200 subtopics. Users may create new topics and add to the permanent database, add notes to any map, place map markers on any map to designate points of interest and scroll forwards and backwards through the last 50 maps used. The multimedia versions of this show flags, play anthems, pronounce and place names, and provide audio help.
Included in The Software Toolworks CD Deluxe Pack 4 ISO Demo 381MB (uploaded by Old_Schooler)
Full ISO Demo (@ The Internet Archive)
Version 4 MPC ISO (@ The Internet Archive)

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