Hugo: Game Shop MediaHouse 2006

Hugo is the boldest and merriest traveler in the world. His trips are very exciting, but also dangerous. Our merry goblin, however, has not yet experienced his biggest adventure. Only you can choose his next destination. One small wish and Hugo goes to the African jungles to battle the fearsome savages. But he can also look for treasure on the ocean floor or fly to Mars, if you want. Not even the sky is off limits for you as the creator of this great game has no limit. Features: 6 amazing scenarios; Large selection of objects (traps, bonuses, obstacles, etc.) to create a fun game; a set of 36 characters of ridiculous enemies; time counter for competitive gaming; over 40 animated videos.
PL/CZ/HU/SK/RO DVD ISO Demo 2.94GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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