Gladiators, The: Galactic Circus Games Eugen Systems / Arxel Tribe d.o.o., Tri Synergy, Inc. 2002

You are Major Greg D. Callahan of the United States Marine Corp currently in jail for unknown reasons but set free to lead a space mission to research a newly found black hole. After being shot through the black hole you find yourself in a strange solar system where an evil race of aliens participate in gladiator style fights in an arena. Luck seems to be on your side though as Princess Lydia needs your help in gaining control of her deceased father. Not your typical real-time strategy game Gladiators is structured to play as a fast paced strategy game without the resource gathering and city building. Play through three campaigns starting with the unfortunate Major Callahan and progressing to General Maximix of the galactic to finally the infamous Fargass "The Magician". To play each character you must complete levels in the game. Play consists of certain goals given by the arena announcer in which you could defend a fort on one level and attack the fort on the next. You collect joker cards for points which then can be used for more troops and power ups. Some special features include: No fog of war means you can see all terrain in the arena. Use your "Line of Vision" and place your units in positions with advantageous site lines, on top of buildings, on hilltops, etc. in order to gain an edge on your enemy. Ambush your enemy by hiding from them in vegetation such as leaves and branches where you can see them but they can't see you. Destroy the terrain and buildings to take a shortcut or flush out you opponent. Hear the spectators cheer or boo you as you fight for your life. Command 24 different types of units up to 500 at the same time. Play three campaigns in single player which include human, fantasy and galactic. Multiplay with up to 16 others over the Internet or LAN on 15 maps created just for multiplayer. Game modes you can play in multiplayer include: Gladiator Mode, which is a death match, Capture the Flag and Cooperative Mode where 4 players can play the solo missions together.
2CD ISO Demo 960MB (uploaded by Thircase)

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