10 Valorous Acts of Algernon the Great, The Shirelindria 2016

Squire Algernon is nearing the end of his training. Now all he needs to do is accomplish 10 valorous acts to become a full knight. Unfortunately he has left it a bit late, and will need to hurry if he is going to get all his acts done in time. It's a cheerful game, presented in third-person mode in a simple cartoonish style. The environments Algie peruses include a stream with a bridge over it, a town square with a tavern, a lake, an enormous stable, a forest and a dragon's den. Like the other characters, Algie has enormous eyes in his oversized blond head that dwarfs the rest of his body. During gameplay you will hear no fewer than three different medieval-sounding tunes. The puzzles are a mix of inventory and conversation problems that are fun to solve, although not hard. You will also find coins scattered throughout, which are needed to complete one or more puzzles. Algie has an interesting way of interpreting the nature of his tasks and he manages to complete them in quite refreshing and unexpected ways. In between, you can enjoy his witty banter and a small love affair between him and a random mongrel that he comes across. All in all, it makes for a fun little game that is worth your time. The game was made for the 2016 Kongregate Game Jam.
Browser-Playable Free Flash Game (uploaded by Kongregate)

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