Alchemy Deluxe PopCap Games, Inc. 2001

The object of this puzzle game is to turn all squares on the board from lead to gold. You do this by placing rune symbols on squares of the board but they must go next to an already occupied space. They must also either be of the same shape or colour of any other symbols to the right/left and top/bottom of it. A grey stone acts as a wild card and can be placed anywhere and any symbol can be placed next to it. A skull has to be placed on an occupied square and will destroy anything on it. If one whole row or column of symbols is filled, all symbols on it will disappear. If there is nowhere to place a symbol, you can discard it into a forge. The molten level in the forge will rise with every discarded rune but will lower if another is placed on the board. However, if 4 consecutive are discarded then the game is over. There are three levels of difficulty, each with more different types and colors of runes.
Full Demo 3.1MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
included in Bejeweled & Alchemy - ISO Demo 31MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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