I Love Science! DK Interactive Learning / Global Software Publishing 1997

Bring an entire laboratory into your home; or, better yet, bring three laboratories. Rosie's Treehouse covers the essentials of biology, from the human body to animal habitats. Al's Kitchen is a chemistry lab, where you can mix or separate ingredients and learn how different types of materials interact. Finally, Mo's Workshop is dedicated to physics, home to experiments with electricity, heat, and light, along with the other forces. Within these labs, players between the ages of 7 and 11 discover the underlying concepts of science. Each lab is set up identically. With Mo, Rosie, or Al to guide them, players perform simulated science experiments - seeing if a hockey puck will slide farther on ice, carpet, or wood, for example - and then answer a series of multiple-choice questions regarding their observations. The questions are broken into short bursts of five, ensuring that children will follow an activity with a short quiz, then return to a new exploration phase. All educational software must strike a balance between fun and learning, and this is tilted strongly toward its learning component. This is a game that expects players to work and think, one that comes with special sections to help teachers and parents get the most out of the player's game time; there is little thrown in purely for the sake of entertainment. Children without some interest in the game's subject matter might, as a result, be resistant to playing. The great strength of this program is less the wealth of information in its database (which is, in fact, extensive) but rather the way in which it teaches children the cornerstones of the scientific method. Rather than simply presenting information on friction or human anatomy, the experimental activities give players a chance to work out the dynamics of science for themselves. The quizzes then help them discover if the conclusions they have drawn are the correct ones. I Love Science! also comes complete with an understanding that there is no substitute for hands-on, real-life experiments... and when you complete a round of virtual games, you "win" a page, which details an actual experiment you can perform using inexpensive household materials.
included in I Love Learning! - Full Demo with DOSBox 882MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)
ISO Demo 599MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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