Frank N Stein Langford Productions 2016

This is a PC remake of the ZX Spectrum game ' Frank N Stein ', which was originally released way back in 1984 by Personal Software Services. In this game you must traverse each platform while picking up the skeleton bones to give life to your new monster. The problem is though is not only do you have to pick the bones up in the right order, but this must be done through careful timing, as if you jump on the wrong spring at the wrong time, you may end up screaming and dying in a puff of smoke from touching an enemy such as a snake. It really is that simple to understand, but don't think the game is as easy to play, as it really isn't. Overall though what I really like about this remake is the attention to detail, the crossover design from the original and the brilliant sound effects and music throughout the game. It consists of 50 screens - 25 "main" screens where the professor must build the monster, and 25 "intermediate" screens with randomly generated meanies where the monster must be destroyed when it goes on the rampage!
Free Game v1.2 69MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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