Elixir g2G Entertainment Company Ltd. / Dartmoor Softworks GmbH & Co. KG, eSoftnet 2003

The starting point of Elixir is an ancient prophecy about a long extinct tribe, the Ingoles, which were brutally murdered by the humans. The prophecy says that their god will be reborn as girl to revenge his people. The evil king Ektele Ulka kills all children, but Elixir, a baby with the gift of magic, manages to escape. Now she travels through the country with her friends and tries to survive. The game is played similar to Diablo. The enemies are killed simply by clicking on them, the player also can use special abilities and magic. The biggest difference to other action RPGs is that Elixir is party based. The player has up to four characters to control and since there is no pausing feature like in Baldur's Gate this results in hectic playing. The game is divided into 52 missions and 80 varied quests. Like similar games the main motivation is to find better equipment and advance the characters.
German Repack Full Demo 661MB (uploaded by Plexura)

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