Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Road to Boruto CyberConnect2 Co. Ltd. / BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment 2017

This edition includes: The full base game NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 4, plus the season pass with its 3 DLC packs, and the expansion Road to Boruto. Each of these four addons can be purchased seperately as well. Shikamaru's Tale Extra Scenario Pack includes: Scenario "The Fresh Green of the Hidden Leaf" part; 4 Combination secret techniques - Naruto (7th Hokage)×Boruto, Kiba×Shino×Hinata, Asuma×Shikamaru, Hokages; 1 new costume - Naruto (7th Hokage); Costumes from previous series - Matching voice, Ninja Info Cards, Ninja Treasure. Gaara's Tale Extra Scenario Pack includes: Adventure Scenario "Bonds of the Sandy Sea"; 3 New Linked secret techniques - Sasuke(Rinne Sharingan)×Itachi, Lee×Neji×Tenten, Lee×Guy; 1 new costume - Sasuke (Wandering Ninja); Costumes from previous series - Matching voices, Ninja Info Cards, Ninja Treasure. The Sound Four Extra Playable Characters Pack includes: 4 new playable characters - Jirobo, Kidomaru, Sakon (Ukon), Tayuya; 3 Combination secret techniques - The Seven Ninja Swords, Men of the Mist, The Sound Ninja Four, Cold Assault of the Demon Blade; Costumes from previous games - Matching voice, Ninja Info Card Picture, Ninja Treasure, Finish cut-in image. Road to Boruto Expansion In a completely New Hidden Leaf Village, enjoy the adventures of Boruto, Naruto's son. While you do your best to pass the chunnin exam, a new threat menaces the shinobi world. Will you be powerful enough to defeat it? EXPERIENCE the story of BORUTO: NARUTO THE MOVIE. DISCOVER Newly playable characters among which Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki. TRAIN to master new combination secret jutsu. THE NEW GENERATION IS UNDERWAY!
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