Untouchables, The Astros Productions / Ocean Software Ltd. 1989

A select team of goverment investigators were created, led by a young determined federal treasury agent. They would not be bought .They knew no fear. They would risk everything to stop Al Capone's reign of terror when organised crime turned the city into a battlefield.They were...THE UNTOUCHABLES. The game is based on the popular movie starring Kevin Costner and Sean Connery. You play as Elliot Ness and his men, always with hats, fighting bad guys. You play through six levels of varied gameplay that follows the movie plot. First level takes place in warehouse where you have to rush all around trying to collect evidence. This means that you have to collect 10 boxes with letter 'E' that will remain after killing bad guy in green. In the upper-right corner of the screen, there is an arrow that is showing you where the boss is. After you kill one, another appears somewhere on the level. There are 3 kinds of enemies, fast and dangerous, and you should kill the ones in grey from time to time, since they might leave better weapon or energy. You mostly run around jumping and shooting. You play second level under the bridge, laying on the ground and shooting. You can roll right and left, and in the lower part of the screen you see your own view and use it in order to aim at the criminals. Criminals shoot at you, but also throw dynamite and Molotov's, and one is enough to finish you. After you kill them all, you get to the probably most interesting level that takes place on the streets. Hidden behind the corner, holding the double-barrel, you have to fight your way. Enemies come out from corners and windows, and you have to reload after every two shots. Level is in Operation Wolf style. In the subway station you fight against bad guys in the down-side scrolling type of game. This is not that simple because there is a small baby in the cradle that you have to protect too. After that you have to shoot a bad guy holding a hostage.
Full Demo 294kb (uploaded by MyAbandonware)

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