Talking Toucan Sam Kellogg NA Co. 2004

This CD-ROM was given out in boxes of Froot Loops in 2004. It includes a sort of digital assistant software that allows you to launch programs or perform tasks by talking to Toucan Sam using your computer's mic and speech recognition software. It also includes a voice activated game to help Toucan Sam get another box of Froot Loops cereal. Kellogg's Froot Loops Cereal Adventure - Your goal is to help Toucan Sam get to the top of the mountain and reach a new box of Froot Loops cereal while scoring as many points as you can. As he travels throughout the adventure, Toucan Sam will need you to tell him what to do. Whenever he needs your help, he'll stop, waiting for you to tell him how to continue. And be careful. Any direction you give Toucan Sam to get past a challenge may work once. But that doesn’t mean the same command will work at the same challenge the next time you play. So keep your eyes and ears open. You'll be able to guide Toucan Sam by using these voice commands: "Jump High", "Fly Far", "Smell Now", "Eat That", "Left", "Right". These commands are listed on-screen during the game to remind you. If you say the right command, Toucan Sam will move on to the next challenge, and you'll earn points. If you give the wrong command, Toucan Sam will wait for you to try again. You can keep guessing the answer, but every wrong guess lowers the number of points you can win. An on-screen box shows your point total. Overall, there are three levels to the adventure. Every time you finish a level, you'll need to help Toucan Sam make a special decision. Say the right answer, and Toucan Sam will move on to the next level. Give the wrong answer, and Toucan Sam will wait for you to try again. The game ends when Toucan Sam reaches the top of the mountain and finds the Froot Loops cereal.
ISO Demo 126MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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