Three from Prostokvashino: Acquaintance with School [Ru] Electronic Paradise / Akella 2005

Fedor is, perhaps, the most conscientious and thoughtful boy in the world. Together with our permanent friends - dog Sharik and Matroskin cat - a little hero goes "first in first class." Now they have to learn the basics of arithmetic, grammar, painting and much more. Simple and intuitive interface, voice and animation tips will not be allowed to get lost, and a lot of entertaining games to help kids have fun and to spend time. In company with his uncle Theodore and his friends every child will become an excellent student. Features: 20 educational mini-games: maze, coloring books, puzzles and other; Increased attention, memory and concentration of the child; The study of letters, numbers, shapes, colors and more; Gorgeous animation, created based on the popular cartoon; The impression of total immersion in the world of kind and cheerful village of Buttermilk.
Russian ISO Demo 544MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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