Widget's Odyssey Frima Studio 2010

Originally a Flash game, this now becomes a full game. In the far-flung future, particles of pure energy from a passing comet rain on a massive scrap heap, rousing five fearless robots from their deep slumber. Joining forces, our five mechanical heroes, Spad, Cosmo, Bruce, Helmut and Monk, build a spacecraft and outwit their guards as they escape from their iron prison. Their jailers' master, the vile Yagor, swears to hunt them down and rip them apart piece by piece. Aboard the S-Pace, our five friends journey across a universe teeming with danger and scrap-iron mercenaries, intent on putting an end to Yagor's tyrannical reign. In an adventure jam-packed with mazes, mini-games and puzzles, you'll visit strange alien worlds and meet rancid creatures as you help our heroes fulfill their destiny. Oddly reminiscent of nineties classic Another World, you find yourself dropped into an alien environment with no guidance, and no real sense of what to do other than to poke around and see what kills you. This is a puzzle game in which players control robots as they travel the galaxy collecting scrap metal. A large part of gameplay involves guiding different types of robots around platform environments, avoiding hazards and enemies while searching for pieces of metal. Enemy robots can be attacked in brief hand-to-hand combat, resulting in big heaps of robot parts and occasional explosions.
Full Demo 31MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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