Legend of the Skyfish Mgaia Studio / Crescent Moon Games 2017

This is a beautiful level-based adventure puzzler with a unique weapon and tool - a fishing pole. Follow the intrepid Little Red Hook on her journey with the Moonwhale to defeat the monstrous Skyfish. Use your fishing pole as a weapon or a grappling hook, and upgrade it as you go. It's filled with beautiful hand-painted art, intricate action puzzles and unique enemies. Explore a huge world of 45 handcrafted levels and defeat giant bosses. Features: Unique fishing/grappling hook mechanics; Gorgeous hand-painted environments and creatures; Original music score by Sean Beeson; 45 handcrafted levels; Epic boss fights; Many items to find and use; Various puzzles to solve; Great for all ages; Controller Support.
Download: None currently available

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