Othello Hasbro Interactive 1996

A minute to learn... A lifetime to master. Albert Einstein and Leonardo da Vinci challenge you to the ultimate mind game- Othello CD-ROM. Go head-to-head with these famous masterminds in this classic game of skill and strategy. Othello brings these two celebrated geniuses to life as your toughest- and most entertaining opponents ever. Othello... only the playing pieces are black and white. Everything else is strictly gray matter. Features: Challenge the brilliant artificial intelligence or another player; Captivating 3-D graphics, animation and sound effects; 7 skill levels - Beginner to Master; Plays in under 15 minutes; English, German, French and Dutch- on one CD-ROM; Match wits with Einstein... or Leonardo da Vinci.
ISO Demo 348MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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