Ninja Avenger Dragon Blade Meow Studios 2017

This is an action anime inspired game, very fast paced with a exciting story that will remind you of your childhood games. Join the amazing adventure of Hayashi in an incredible ninja universe with legendary clans, ancient dragons, incredible ninja wars. Help our hero bring peace once again to these troubled realms. Features: Exciting Hack and Slash Combat system; Great Manga Story; Challenging Quests; Fun to explore environments; Epic battles with fearsome enemies; Improve your hero's strength, learn new skills, upgrade his katana and armor; Trading Cards. It's a Hack and Slash Action game, in which you have to control your hero, fight and slice enemies through various combos until you clear the stage and can move on. Learning different new skills and improving your hero's stats will help you perform spectacular attacks on your villains. Use WASD or the arrows to move Hayashi, J and K for light and heavy attacks, Spacebar for dashing attacks, Shift for Run/Walk mode, E for use/interact with levers and other objects, Enter to open your Character upgrade menu. Earn as much Experience as possible to upgrade your hero and his blade. Defeat your enemies stage by stage, chapter by chapter, put the manga story pages together to understand what is happening in this universe and where to find Katou, the main villain. When you finally reach Katou, the 2 of you will have the fight of your lifetime.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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