Terrorbeom Bin Laden-eul Jabara [K] Starmax / DS Game 2001

Osama Bin Laden became more famous than any celebrity since the US terrorist attacks. Nowadays the United States and its allies are on the lookout for bin Laden and have a chance to catch him. Despite the persistent US attack and search operations in search of Bin Laden, he has been cleverly disguised. The US Intelligence Agency, which noticed this, is going to infiltrate a building that was planned to occupy a mixed comedy complex, but the whole building is already threatened with bombs installed. Now we are a hybrid combo that will cause Bin Laden to blow up the building. We must remove the Arab commando, remove the explosives, and catch Bin Laden hiding on the top of the building. This great task is in your hands. There are a total of 50 stages and the middle boss comes out every 10 stages. The game is designed to make it easy for users who have played Snow Bros and Vogel Vogels. The color of the screen is bright, and the main characters and Arabic command units are all cute. One stage consists of one layer of building, with Arabic commandos on each floor appearing to prevent our special combination and have two or three bombs and the key to dismantling them. If you eat the yellow key, you can dismantle the bomb painted in yellow. There is also an aquarium and an escalator, and you can move up or down quickly on the escalator. The gun that the protagonist has is a secret weapon called 'Ice Storm'. When the enemy is shot, the enemy gets trapped in the ice and throws the drop into the enemy. But unlike the Snow Brothers, it's not just about killing enemies, it's about removing the bombs that are installed on each floor. If you clear the floor, you have to climb up the elevator to another floor, and if you do not clear the time limit, our heroes will burst and die. As the stage rises, the number of units and the speed of artificial intelligence increase, so you must not stay in one place for a long time. You must continue to attract enemies, eat the bomb-removing key and remove the bomb. Certainly the unit's artificial intelligence, like Vogel Vogel, simply goes up and down the road, or better than the Snow Brothers, but you have to make good use of the items to get rid of this improved enemy unit effectively. A total of 4 items are available. The red potion makes the bubble come out bigger, the blue potion moves the main characters quickly, the yellow potion makes the bubble shoot farther away, and the pink potion can restore the physical strength. Because the protagonists are wearing a bulletproof vest, they will be defended up to 2 times, but they will die if they hit a third enemy. The game is made up entirely of easy interface, the characters are all cute and cute, and there are no violent guns or red bloodshed like other games these days. It is a game which can be enjoyed by simple key operation.
Korean ISO Demo 32MB (uploaded by myloch)

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