Amazing Adventures: Around the World SpinTop Games / PopCap Games, Inc. 2008

This is another hidden object game where the player must find a list of items scattered about a screen. It also has all the common mini-games of the genre: jigsaw puzzle variations, split screens where the player has to click on the differences, word search, and one where objects have to be placed back in to the scene. In the story mode there are 50 jewels, two concealed in each screen, that must be collected to unlock two bonus modes that have no time limit: "Spot the Differences" and "Unlimited Seek and Find". Clicking too many times in the wrong spot will deduct points, up to 1000 points for too many incorrect clicks in quick succession. A hint bar at the bottom of the screen slowly fills back up after each click. Each hint costs 5000 points. Finding items quickly gives extra points.
Full Demo 39MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Full Demo 41MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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