Littlest Pet Shop EA Salt Lake / Electronic Arts, Inc. 2008

This is a game based around the Hasbro line of toys and the animated series of the same name. The world the pets inhabit is a green meadow full of houses and up to 16 mini-games to play. The object of the game is to play with pets as the player unlocks them during the course of the game. Although there are only three pets to start, the player progressively unlocks more pets and accessories with the goal of collecting them all. Players visit the shops in the central Pet Plaza to unlock up to 100 accessories and 29 playsets. To acquire new pets or accessories, Kibble Coins are used as a currency. Coins are collected by exploring the environment and doing well in the mini-games. These for instance include Dance Dance Revolution-like sequences, a swinging game, a flying game, a balancing game, and more. After each game the score is shown along with the collected Kibble Coins. The performance is also rewarded with a ribbon. There are 32 pets in total and it contains all pets of the three Nintendo DS games that were released separately around the same time: Littlest Pet Shop: Garden, Littlest Pet Shop: Jungle, Littlest Pet Shop: Winter. Those of the fourth DS title Littlest Pet Shop: Spring that was released a few months later, are not included.
Multilanguage AlcoholClone DVD ISO Demo 1.29GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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