Hessu Kissan Aakkostarinat, Richard Scarry's [Fi] WSOY Uudet Mediat 2000

Goofy Cat aakkostarinoissa's task is to collect stories from a brand-new story. The task is to carry out Goofy Cat's direction. It's intended for educational multimedia, which aims to awaken interest in the words and their meanings from 4 to -7 years of age. The story is sympathetic and instructive, as the stories before refueling the bowels of the main characters are forced to help other animals. Somebody must pick up after themselves, so that the farmer Goat story is apt to strike. Busy busy busy also constable growl is with beach cleaning. CD is based on an illustration by Richard Scarry. Acclaimed children's writer's works have sold about 100 million copies around the world. The character animation is primitive, and you click around and you can find everything exciting. Also, the tasks are commendably wide range of teaching, among other things rhyming, chronology, uppercase and lowercase letters, grading, listening comprehension.The degree of difficulty of the tasks is quite appropriate: a four year old can deal with them with the assistance of an adult and seven years alone. Child supplement as it progresses own name equipped with a certificate, which can also be printed. Small game of patience may test the fact that all of the tasks in each section need to get carried out before the animals box is opened. A great idea is to give the child to write their own "funny stories". In these manufacturing the story frame complemented by self-chosen words. Playing with words stimulates and awakens also to reflect on the relationship of words to each other. There will be a guaranteed beloved children's absurd humor. Finished stories can also print use. In some sections of the user interface would be a little retouch. So young and adult users either did not immediately discern that the more words will have access to climbing, for example, by pulling the mouse's tail down. Sometimes too small arrow keys must look for, especially if the use of the mouse is still looking.
Finnish Clone ISO Demo 281MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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