Deep Fritz Grand Master Deluxe ChessBase GmbH / Viva Media 2005

Play better faster with Fritz as your coach, mentor, and opponent. Sporting blazing-fast dual processor support, stunning 3-D graphics, and a tremendous games database, Fritz has it all. Fritz can even adjust its playing strength to your own and provide detailed real-time game analysis. Experience the Game of Kings as King of the Game. Bonus membership for six months to, the hottest chess server in the world. Features: 750,000+ games database, updated and fully searchable; Friend mode adjusts playing strength to yours; Four beautiful, true 3-D chessboards; Complete introductory course for beginners; Interactive opening-, middle-, and end-game training; Comprehensive tactical advice for advanced players; Let Fritz tell you (or click the "shut-up" button); 85-percent faster when using Deep Fritz 8 dual processor engine (fully compatible with single processor).
ISO Demo 466MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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