Spell-A-Rama Selena Studios / Maxis 1995

Poor Buzz, the fly. It's the first day of his new job as manager of Mr. Bees' department store and it seems he's lost the key! It has disappeared somewhere in the city's underground 3-D caves. Journey along with Buzz on his quest for the missing key, while encountering the many weird cave dwellers. In order to search their domain, children will have to help Buzz answer spelling and anagram questions from a built-in database of 1st - 3rd grade words. The reward for finding the key is a chance to explore Mr. Bees' insect department store. Skills Developed: Spelling, Reading, Anagramming, Rhyming. Special Features: Hundreds of 1st-3rd Grade Words, 3-D Graphics and Animation, Original Music & FX, Video Clips, Game Play is Random.
Clone ISO Demo 116MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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