Quest for Fame Virtual Music Entertainment / IBM 1995

As the game itself comes shipped with some kind of electronic plectron you can connect to your parallel-port (it's called the "V-Pic" in the game) it's your mission to become a virtual guitar-hero. After a few training lessons in your private room to get used to the game's interface (at the bottom of the screen is some kind of rhythm indicator that's similar to karaoke-systems. There's a red bar constantly moving from the left to the right end of the screen while in the background is a "rhythm-scale" - When the bar is moving over a peak from that scale you got to use your plectron on e.g. your tennis-racket so that virtually a guitar-riff is generated. the better and more exactly you can match the predrawn rhythm scale the better your guitar playing will sound and the higher your score is to proceed to further levels of the game). The ultimate goal of the game is to reach the final level. To finally start a virtual concert with Aerosmith in a crowded football-stadium. Although the above description might sound a bit complicated the game soon catches even unmusical people's attention by its very own and unique gameplay. Features: 11 interactive scenes; High-quality animation, stunning graphics, and digitized sound; Interaction with Aerosmith band members as they give you feedback on your performances; Hit Aerosmith songs, including Love in an Elevator, Dude Looks Like a Lady, Livin' on the Edge, and more; 4 skill levels, with left- or right-handed play; The VPick.
Clone 2CD ISO Demo 848MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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