Deep Blue Sea The Game Equation 2008

In Deep Blue Sea, players take on the role of a diver who is collecting treasure. As the diver gathers treasure, she discovers the secret of Avalonia and its people. She soon finds Amulets that reveal more of the story. Players make matches of three sea creatures to get treasures and the deep sea diver to the bottom. Additionally, they can match shiny objects, such as silverware or coins, to receive money for buying upgrades or power-ups. Pieces of amulets can also be collected; when all the pieces of an amulet are assembled, the completed amulet gives players additional power-ups. Amulets can only be used when they are fully charged; to charge amulets, sea creatures corresponding to their amulet must be matched.
included in Deep Blue Sea 2 Pack ISO Demo 180mb (uploaded by Old_Schooler)

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