Hidden World of Art 2: Undercover Art Agent Meridian'93 / Robin Games 2009

An art restorer named Lana Vassari is recruited by the FBI, to help on the search of a series of missing paintings stolen from collections around the world. Hidden World of Art 2: Undercover Art Agent is a hidden object game with classic paintings as the background art. The main objective is to examine some well-known art piece and remove all the objects superimposed on the canvas. A list of all the required items is written on a notepad at the left side of the screen. When clicking on any of the list entries, the object silhouette is displayed on a magnifying glass at the bottom of the notepad. Each object found and collected adds some cash to a money pouch. Occasionally, three numbered entries appear at the top of the list. They are optional, and have to be collected by numeric order for bonus money and points. After finding all the items of a painting, the work is stored on a gallery that can be accessed from the main menu. The accumulated funds can be spent on a separate shop screen, where furniture and decorations are available to be purchased for Lana's home.
Full Demo v1.015 68MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Full Demo 68.8MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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