Rotterdam 3D [Du] Grafisch Lyceum / Rotterdam City Archives 2015

The Rotterdam City Archives together with students from the Graphic Lyceum created a computer game about the World War II bombing of the city, one of the most dramatic events in the history of Rotterdam. Starting May 14 1940, in a four day battle for Rotterdam, an effort to force the surrender of the Netherlands to the German air force, it was carried out a massive bombing of Rotterdam, destroying more than 30 thousand buildings, including the historical center of the city. Several years ago, the Rotterdam city council attempted to recreate lost all buildings in the virtual space - in some semblance of "research" of computer games in almost forgotten today genre of Edutainment. You can walk around the areas, carefully reconstructed in full 3D, from time to time to get historical information and answering questions from a small quiz. The language here is exclusively Dutch - and due to lack of funding the project was partly raw and unfinished.
Dutch Quiz + Free World Game 114+162MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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