Space Rangers: Episode 46 + 52 Grok 2016

Episode 46: The Devil Within This is a point and click Type adventure game. It takes place in a universe similar to that of Star Trek, but is not the same universe. You will play special agent Yaz KreJonns of the Space Rangers. You will be given the assignment to find a group of missing miners, and the missing soldiers sent to find them. Game made in collaboration with Gertrud Bondesson, aka Blondbraid. Episode 52: The Redemption of Grisli Adams There is a new commander leading the Space Rangers. His name is Teh Donald. One of the first things he does on his new job is to fire special agent Yaz KreJonns. Bounty hunters hot on her trail, Yaz make a run for Nebulia Prime. There she find herself in new troubles, having to try to save her former colleague and mortal enemy, Grisli Adams. One thing you need to remember on Nebulia Prime is, there are no Lizard Overlords.
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