Diablo III: Rise of the Necromancer Blizzard Entertainment 2017

An expansion for Diablo III, it introduces a new playable hero – Necromancer, and a number of cosmetic additions. The new hero has power over a special type of magic, drawn from the power of death, while his battle abilities are based on blood and bone – a Necromancer can resurrect corpses. Additionally, we can make use of the spectacular Corpse Explosion, the ranged Bone Spear, or even Siphon Blood from our enemies. The new addition receives dedicated legendary item sets, and an exclusive in-game pet. Aside from that, it introduces two more additional character slots, a new portrait frame, a pennant, a banner, and a unique banner sigil. The add-on is not standalone – PC users need to have Diablo III, as well as Reaper of Souls.
Download: None currently available

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