Pong Pong's Learning Adventure: The Lost World [Ru] DataSun Software Corporation / Buka Entertainment 2001

The world is really lost, but here are the questions we will be asking quite everyday and, at first glance, very simple. Why are manhole covers round? Why stainless steel does not rust? Why do soap bubbles fly? Why is an egg empty at one end? These and similar questions, fun puzzles and riddles will make the child a new way to look at the things around him and bind them with such seemingly far removed from the everyday life school subjects - and of course to see them in a new light. Features: very entertaining educational game in the genre "quest"; strictly scientific approach; great graphics in the style of Disney cartoons; two independent modes - pure training and game; dozens of characters - plants, animals, insects; great sound; even an adult learns from this game a lot.
Italian ISO Demo 412MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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