Deus Ex Go Square Enix Montréal / Square Enix, Inc. 2017

This is the third game in the GO series where a popular Square Enix action franchise is turned into a turn-based puzzle game. This one is set in the futuristic Deux Ex universe and players take control of protagonist Adam Jensen. Much like Hitman GO, levels are designed as board games where Jensen needs to complete infiltration objectives and reach an exit while manipulating the environment through hacking, avoid obstacles and turrets, and eliminate enemies. There is no free movement, but a hexagonal grid with paths through nodes and lines. The previous games used squares instead of a hexagonal grid. The same paths are also used by enemies. As the gameplay is turn-based, many elements only react when Jensen moves. Entirely new for this game is that there is now a story, set before the events of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, which connects the different levels. This game also introduces a creation mode to design and share new single-screen puzzles. Jensen can use augmentations to manipulate the environment and use abilities, such as invisibility which lasts two turns, or taking control of a robot. Many puzzles are solved by disturbing and changing movement patterns. For instance by hacking floor tiles to make them materialize or rotate, cutting power, or raising of lowering platforms. Enemies can do this as well. The story portion of the game consists of 54 puzzles, but there are also five new puzzles with a weekly rotation. It is a commercial game with in-app purchases for packs of undos and complete solutions. Players who complete the game and weekly puzzles can unlock perks in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.
Download: None currently available

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