Angela Young's Dream Adventure iWin, Inc. 2009

Angela Young was reading a book when she and her cat, Felix, fell asleep and began dreaming. In her dream, she is falling then she is walking through a dark forest toward a castle. When she enters the castle, the Keeper of Dreams appeared and scared away Felix. It seems Felix shouldn't be there but the Lord of Nightmares is mucking with things. Help the Keeper of Dreams stop the Lord of Nightmares and find Felix so both you and Felix can escape. Angela Young's Dream Adventure is a hidden object and puzzle game. Using your mouse, click the requested item hidden on the screen. You may have some screens that give a list at the bottom. Some screens show silhouettes of the items you are to find. Others request that you find two exact examples of the named item. Still others will name an item with a number of how many of that type there are, not identical. There are screens that have three of the Keeper's servants at the bottom, each holding a picture of the item you're to find. Some will just ask you to find twelve of the same item (gems, candies, birds, etc.). In addition to the hidden object screens, there are numerous mini-games. These include removing a set number of matchsticks to create a certain number of squares, swapping a pictures parts to reconstruct it and clicking a coin to flip it then clicking another, looking for symbols that match.
Full Demo 85MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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