Purge The Game Universitat Pompeu Fabra 2011

This is an independent tribute to the beautiful Mirror's Edge but leaves the aseptic environments already seen in the game by Digital Illusions transporting into a sort of city-fortress with steampunk colors. Our only goal is to survive while avoiding being captured and killed by guards which have been reported as dangerous terrorists. It matters little if the accusation against us does not correspond to the truth as it does not matter if the whole city is hopelessly corrupt, Jack will have to try, with our help and taking advantage of his physical gifts, to reach the highest tower of the industrial complex to go up on Zeppelin and to bury once and for all one of the worst days of his life. The gameplay recreated by the authors is very similar to what many of us have experienced in the game with the beautiful Faith so that it will be hard not being able to master early on the control system. Although this is to point out that the three-dimensional world platform created by the authors will require some dedication to be overcome especially if we decide not to use aid implemented by developers. We can then climb on pipes, perform powerful leaps from a scaffold to another, run for short distances on the walls, and finally fool with a bit of cunning the agents that would otherwise not hesitate to immediately open the fire against us. It manages to combine a precise and intuitive control system with excellent graphics with first person view. The engine may also be performed at any screen resolution and, in addition to the classic combination of keyboard and mouse, can also be played with the controller Xbox 360.
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Free Game 115MB (uploaded by Games For Gamers)

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