Adventures of Commander Shepard, The Kung Fu Circus 2017

Faced with the threat of the Reapers wiping out all organic life in the galaxy, Commander Shepard knows exactly what to do. Ask random strangers for mundane side quests in order to build up his experience. This is an effective spoof of the prevalence of side quests in role-playing games, particularly in the Mass Effect series. The graphics are done in a highly detailed and semi-realistic cartoon style. The lead character is a slightly exaggerated recreation of BioWare's default male version of Shepard, and other various alien races from the series also appear. The entire adventure takes place on the Citadel, with recognisable locations including the lake side and embassy area. The characters are smoothly animated, both within the game and in the opening and closing cutscenes. The cinematics are also fully voiced to a high standard, though dialogue in-game is text only. For the most part, the action is backed by ambient crowd noise to reflect the bustling life of the Citadel. This is supplemented by sound effects such as the Commander's footsteps and the beep of equipment. The title screen features a specially written song extolling the virtues of the hero.
Free Game 463MB (uploaded by Visionaire)

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