Hoyle Word Games 2001 Sierra On-Line, Inc. 2000

This 2001 edition of Sierra's Hoyle Word Games features nine different traditional games for the literarily inclined. They include: Anagrams - Race against the clock to create words out of the six scrambled letters; Crosswords - Enjoy hundreds of game variations including 500 crossword puzzles from Dell Magazine. Get hints when you need them, and print puzzles to solve whilst away from your computer; Doublecross - An exciting and strategic word building game. Capture or blow up other players' words if you can; Enigma: Decode over 1,300 famous proverbs and quotes. Swap letters until you solve the puzzle; Hangman - This traditional word game takes on a new twist with four playful variations; Speedy Racer: Save yourself from the Big Bad Wolf by typing letters and words before they hot the ground; Word Searches - It's easy to find FUN with more than 450 word searches. You can even create your own puzzles; Word Yacht - Roll 10 dice to create words in one if eight categories before time is up. Find 3, 4 or 5 letter words, maybe even a Straight or Yacht if you're lucky; Wordox; Plus 3 Bonus Hoyle Board Games, Plus 3 Bonus Hoyle Card Games. Players can design their own representative in-game characters, then challenge their friends or a variety of computer opponents. Up to four gamers can compete on the same computer and online multiplayer options are also supported. Webster's New World College Dictionary is used as the reference and, of course, the authoritative Hoyle rules are incorporated into each game. Features: Difficulty levels from easy to advanced; Challenging AI keep players on their toes; Custom design your own characters using the included "Facemaker" program.
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ISO Demo 413MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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