Holy Molluscamony The Stairfall Institute for the Study of Phantasms and Simulacra 2017

When your best friend's wedding is ruined by a slug monster with the powers of cloning (and all powers normally associated with slugs), it's up to you figure out which bride is your friend and which bride is a slightly sticky clone. A short pixel art point and click graphic adventure made for #AdvJam2017. This game uses a vintage SCUMM style interface. Left click on a verb (they're on the bottom left), then left click on an object in the world or in your inventory (that's the bottom right). For example, click on 'Open' then 'Door' to open a door, then 'Use' then 'Door' to go through a door. You can also Right Click to use doors instantly, none of this clicking 'use' business. No expense spared in your adventure gaming pleasure. This one is a talkie, and all the dialog has lip sync data even though the sprites are far too low resolution for it to make any kind of sense to do that.
Free Game v1.0.2 67MB (uploaded by GameJolt)

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