Ame no Marginal: Rain Marginal stage-nana / Sekai Project 2014

The latest short, serious visual novel by Tomo Kataoka, the author of Narcissu 1st & 2nd. There is nothing in this world. Just endlessly falling rain. The population here is exactly one. Getting off the elevator one day, a mysterious world was waiting. No one else was around, only endless rainy sky and weathered flagstones. In this world, getting hungry and even death wasn't possible. It was a world where time seems to have stopped. Except one thing - the rain continued to fall. "This world has a population of just one. So get out." A girl named "Rin" told the protagonist. She declared that she was the lone mistress of this rainy world. For how many years, decades, even centuries... has she lived all alone in this world? Will the day come when the rain stops falling? Narcissu Bonus Episode - included in the game is a copy of Narcissu 1st, as well as a brand new VERY short bonus episode but hopefully is interesting for Narcissu fans. The game is playable in either English or Japanese.
Full Demo 248MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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