Void Quest IceFall Games 2017

What happens when you face something mysterious and indescribable right on your own land? Will your own curiosity lead you to your demise? Inspired by the classic Sierra adventure games, and created for #advjam2017. If you've never played a Sierra-style text-parser adventure game before, here are the controls: Type to start entering commands; Arrow keys or click to move; ESC for the menu; TAB or 'stuff' to show your inventory; 'journal' to open your journal; Hold SHIFT to move more quickly. Examples of things you can type: 'open door', 'look house', 'look in well', 'mail postcard', 'attach rope to car', 'turn on lights', 'put kettle on stove'.
Free Game v0.1.9 20MB (uploaded by GameJolt)

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