Conjurer, The Freeze Tag, Inc. / GameHouse, Inc. 2009

A 19th century magician known as The Conjurer stops performing after a streak of bad luck following a series of stage accidents. He acquires a medieval castle and sends invitations for his retirement party to his most prominent colleagues, where a competition is proposed between the attendees. The prize is the coveted Hall of Secrets containing all the tricks and illusions accumulated from his career. The Conjurer is a hidden object game with adventure elements, using magic tricks as the main theme. The game is divided in chapters, each dedicated to the performance of one of the party guests. Most of the time, the objective is to find and click on all the items from a list at the bottom of the screen, on locations representing the rooms from the castle. A crystal ball shows the silhouette of the objects, and can be activated to highlight the exact position of one of the list entries. After collecting all the required items, the player returns to the magician stage to put a series of props back to their original places and start the illusionist's performance. When the show is finished, a riddle appears at the bottom tray about some part of the scenery or a specific object. Solving it completes the chapter. A journal can be accessed at any time, with entries automatically updated about any plot development, and detailed schematics of each trick used on the performances. Puzzles appear between each chapter, on separate screens where a mechanism has to be manipulated directly to solve a puzzle.
Full Demo 172MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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