Art Detective SoWhat! Software Studios 2009

John Cromwell investigates high-profile theft for the FBI. He's on the trail of a shadowy figure known as "The Ghost"; an expert thief who steals fine paintings and replaces them with replicas so convincing that most people don't realize the originals have been burgled. But John Cromwell isn`t most people. Through his eyes you will investigate the crime scenes, separate the real from the counterfeits, and piece together the puzzle to unmask The Ghost. It's a 'spot the difference' and puzzle game. Through John Cromwell's email, you will receive jobs to complete. Most of these are 'spot the difference' puzzles. You are shown two paintings and must click anything that is not the same in both. Other jobs may be to reconstruct a damaged painting. These are similar to an electronic jigsaw puzzle. You must click a piece then click where you think it goes. The piece in that spot will then swap places. If the piece is in its correct spot, it will become unmovable. Some jobs will require you to clean a dirty painting. Here, you must click various jars to determine the correct chemical solution that will clean the painting. If you've earned enough money, you can phone an expert to clear the puzzle. Along the way, your email contacts will give you clues as to the elusive "Ghost's" appearance, in hopes of you capturing him/her. In addition to your 'jobs', there are three mini-games to play. One is similar to classic game Concentration. You have a large group of pictures, face down. You must click two in hopes of making a match. If you don't make a match, they will return to face down. If you match, they will disappear. Another mini-game is where you are shown a group of pictures and must click the two that match. The third mini-game is where you are shown a group of pictures, most as a duplicate to another so they form a pair. You must click the one that is not part of a pair. Solving mini-games and jobs gains you money. You can use this money to buy items to help your investigation.
Full Demo 44MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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