Wonderland Dizzy Dizzy Enterprises Ltd. 2015

This is an enhanced remake of Magicland Dizzy with an Alice in Wonderland theme. (It was originally developed in 1993 for the NES, and finally released in an adapted emulated version in 2015 on the Web.) The creators, the Oliver Twins, forgot they made it and had been languishing in their loft for more than two decades. The game was originally meant to be a full price release, instead of a budget title, but publisher Codemasters got cold feet and the cancellation of the game, and several others, led to a falling out with the Olivers. The objective is to rescue the other members of the Yolkfolk, who have been enslaved by the Evil Wizard Zaks. In Wonderland Dizzy the player can play as Dizzy and his girlfriend Daisy. Along the way the player needs to solve puzzles as he travels down the rabbit hole to collect 100 stars to travel home.
Browser-Playable Free Flash Game (uploaded by Official Site)
NES emulated versions included in Dizzy: 30th Anniversary Collection 397MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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