Bannerman Armitage Games 2017

This is a gritty atmospheric medieval action-adventure with challenging skill-based combat inspired by historical swordsmanship. You play as a man-at-arms who is left for dead following a terrible battle. On awakening you discover your lord's banner has been lost. You must now travel across a war-torn medieval land in pursuit. With a sinister atmosphere and punishing combat, Bannerman explores the darker side of medieval fantasy. There are no knights in shining armour to be found in this world. Intensely brutal medieval combat. Cut, stab, parry, dodge, punch, kick and bash your enemies using authentic techniques researched and compiled from historical sources. 16-bit rotoscoped animations capture the authentic movement of characters and the impact of medieval combat. An amazing soundtrack sets the scene - combining acoustic guitars, banjos and folk instruments to create a haunting atmosphere. A focus on skill-based melee combat rewards careful timing and cautious engagements. Face off against deadly bosses in brutal duels to the death. Unlock combat treatises as you progress - discover new abilities and combat techniques.
Download: None currently available

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