Wrath of the Sea King Bloodlust Software 2000

The player takes the role of Dust, a peerless burglar plagued with continual headaches and cursed with eternal life courtesy of a mystical Egyptian amulet. Following more than a century of migraine torment, Dust learns of another powerful talisman in the ruins of Atlantis, rumoured to destroy all life - including his own. Keen for a blessed escape from the daily torment of perpetual agony, the hero engages the services of a submarine and enters the perilous realm of the Sea King. Direction keys and a fire button here run the player through a relentless gauntlet of over fifty varied grim environments filled with traps and ambushes, demanding diverse tactics from brutal trigger-finger massacres to fine-reflex timing workouts to systematic strategizing and maze-mapping. Selectable paths and boss battles are present as well. For a game made with Game Factory, this is surely a beauty. Dust is only a small bunch of pixels, but he moves on wonderful backgrounds, and he often makes Duke Nukem-esque comments. Cutscenes are great too. And, of course, there's the usual gory humor, a Bloodlust trademark. Having unlimited lives (he's an immortal, after all), reaching the final confrontation with the Sea King doesn't take too much time. But, the less times you die, the more you will be rewarded, being able to see the entire ending - and, believe me, it's worth the effort. The real challenge is finding the way of dying the less possible times. So, very good replay value.
Free Game 24MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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