Bounce Out Blitz GameHouse, Inc. 2004

This is a straightforward tile matching game with three modes, where the player has to make matches of three or more rubber balls of the same type. When lined up, the matching balls fall bouncing from the screen. To move to the next level the player has to empty a ball container at the right side of the screen, that has a number at the top showing the remaining spheres. It keeps adding balls when they are removed from the field. In the swapper mode, the objective is to make matches by swapping adjacent balls, clearing the screen before it is filled to the top with the spheres, added every few seconds from the dispenser at the right side. In the strategy mode, the goal and gameplay are similar to swapper mode, but every time the player swaps balls new spheres are added to the gamefield. In the slider mode, the screen is filled with spheres, and the player has to make matches by dragging rows, columns and diagonal lines with the mouse before the timer, shown as a dynamite stack with a burning wick at the bottom, runs out.
Full Demo (GameHouse version) 3.2MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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