Sanya Monogatari: Sorezore no omoide Motion 1998

Omnibus hentai andventure of three episodes by characters that subtly resemble the characters of the great war. The setting is Taisho ~ Showa style of Japan, using animation for the drawn scenes. The main character (Ogami Akira) is seriously sent to the battlefield one step ahead and the last night together... and in a sense, unusual situation. Moving to a certain extent, talking with objects on the map to a certain degree and speaking advances the game, afterwards it is simple because you only select the position and attitude in the drawn scenes. However, the influence of that choice is quite exciting. After two nights, a story about a sorrowful talk about a daughter and a wife whose husband is at war. Scenes are abundant except for casual room movement. There's 7 scenes per episode so it's a good feeling with 21 scenes in all.
Japanese ISO Demo 272MB (uploaded by annoyment)

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