Dora The Explorer: Click & Create 2K Play 2005

This software has many options which you can choose. It's a series of discs which each contains several sections: Watch Episode - Click a TV to watch an episode that gave the disc its name. Somewhere in the episode, a star will pop up, and you need to click it to play a game; Quiz - Click a TV with a "Q" to play a quiz; Stars - Some Explorer Stars can make you play games (The Yellow Star lets you play an art-related game; The Green Star lets you play a music-related game; The Pink Star lets you play a game, which randomly changes each disc). The titles of the discs are as follows: 1 The Big Red Chicken; 2 At the Beach; 3 Racing Around; 4 The Little Tree Frog; 5 Super Babies; 6 A Letter for Swiper; 7 Doctor Dora; 8 Boots to the Rescue; 9 To the South Pole; 10 Treasure Island; 11 A Fish Out of Water!; 12 On the Farm!; 13 Silly Seasons; 14 The Bugga Bugga Bugs; 15 Swiper the Explorer; 16 To the Rescue; 17 The Magic Flute; 18 The Big Red Chicken!
CDs 1-15 ISO Demo 3.14GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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