Legend of Beowulf, The [Ru] JetDogs Studios / Noviy Disk 2007

The Scandinavian epic is clearly on the rise. The world premiere of the animated picture of Robert Zemeckis, retelling the life story and glorious deeds of the heroic Beowulf, has already taken place. And in Russia, the forces of St. Petersburg studio has created a game about the nice and charming hero. As befits the hero of antiquity, Beowulf will protect his fellow tribesmen from the terrible monster - Grendel and save the daughter of the noble King Hrothgar. For the players it will turn into a fun adventure in the best quest traditions. Lovers of old traditions are waiting for dozens of colorful locations, stylized three-dimensional graphics, colorful characters and a variety of mini-games.
Russian ISO Demo 702MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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